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Petworth, West Sussex

This was the second property I designed for the same clients. I was initially commissioned to re-work their London house back in 2013. They were a joy to work with and so I was delighted when I got the call that they were interested in updating their country home.


This beautiful old building was once a tannery. Set in a wonderfully secluded spot in the middle of the countryside in Petworth, it needed some luxe and warmth to make it into a dream home. We worked on the interior layout initially, opening up spaces and adding some beautiful antique panelling to give character.  

The Master Bathroom was a walk-through space between the Master Bedroom and Dressing Room and so needed some personality in order to hold it's own. This was done successfully with some printed tapestries which also cleverly hid the angles of the room in the tree design.

Some antique panelling was installed to create a gentleman's club-style dining room and we commissioned some very lovely bespoke sofas too.  The guest bedrooms needed some extra pattern and warmth and so we sourced a pair of antique Moroccan pediments and created a pair of half testers which Soane fabrics.

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